Spotlight on the new cabinet - Maureen Penny

“I am honoured and delighted that I have once again been given the opportunity to serve as Cabinet Member for Highways, Maintenance and Waste Services at Swindon Borough Council.  Both my Portfolio title and some of my areas of responsibilities have changed slightly but I am looking forward to taking on the new demands that this refresh bring.

Due to the problems and uncertainties that COVID19 has bought it is undoubtedly going to be a challenging and busy year. The council has been hard at work maintaining the majority of waste services running as normal, however some services have been reduced due to the coronavirus outbreak and we need to prepare for a return to full service avoiding the dangers of ‘quick fixes’ as we do so.

My team and I will also be looking at longer-term thinking about the overall strategy to tackle congestion in the town and get people out of their cars once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

With the help and support of my colleagues both in the Cabinet and the wider Council I am positive that we will be able overcome any obstacles we face as we plan our recovery.”